Bridal Jewelry that Steals Your Heart Away

Indian Advertisement world in recent times has also taken a fancy to women love for jewelry and the important part it plays in her life especially when she is about to get married. We have seen one where the grandma of a Punjabi bride encourages her to buy not only Punjabi wedding jewelry but also some of the south Indian style. Then we have one where all ladies of a family find joy in shopping for jewelry when the girl is getting married and the family is more excited than her to go on a jewelry shopping fiesta. And why not, for bridal jewelry, today has transformed from just being traditional to a mélange of ethnic meets modern.  Brides today are buying jewelry not only as an investment but also as pieces which lend a style statement and an aura of grandeur. We have for you here a dekko into some such pieces which should be a part of your bridal trousseau for sure.


Polki or the uncut diamond has its own charm and it continues to wow women with its ethereal beauty. Set in gold, Polki necklaces look very regal and uplift even the simplest of attires to higher ground on the style pedestal. In fact, with a polki necklace set, you don’t need to worry too much about your attire for all eyes will be fixed only on the glitter of those colored polki gems. Because polki is in its natural form and set in gold, it exudes a shine which is unparalleled and that is one more reason why it is the most coveted form of jewelry and is quite expensive. A choker in combination with a drop-down Polki necklace is sure to make all heads turn not only on your wedding day but whenever you wear the set.  You can even go in for the layered look in polki, adding in a dash of color with some emerald or ruby drops.

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The best part about diamond jewelry is that you can wear it with every kind of bridal outfit and need not restrict yourself to matching it only with dresses having golden hued embroidery or embellishments. The luminescence of diamonds lures women to get at least one piece of jewelry crafted which goes with their lehengas as well as their cocktail gowns and dresses. Diamond jewelry spells elegance and it is lighter in weight as compared to other traditional forms of jewelry.


Another traditional style of jewelry which is popular among brides is the Kundan set which is akin to polki in the fact that this too is set in gold foil.  But where Polki is uncut diamonds, Kundan jewelry is glass gemstones set in gold along with other precious stones to lend it a glamorous look.  A bib and choker necklace looks splendid in a Kundan set and goes well with the heavily embellished lehengas and sarees adorned by brides. A must have for all brides is a Kundan set complete with matching jhumkas or chandbalis and a mathapatti with a maang tikka.

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There was a time when only brides down the southern part of India preferred temple style when going in for bridal jewelry but with temple jewelry becoming popular across the globe, it is topping the list. Made up of necklaces with figurines of gods and goddesses embossed on them and made in gold with a combination of other gemstones, temple jewelry is almost like a masterpiece crafted in jewelry. The heavy geometric pendant which forms a part of the necklace has scenes depicted in intricate craftsmanship. Jewelry designers are also coming out with pieces which seamlessly blend the two styles of temple jewelry and polki, kundan or even meenakari work so that you get the best of both worlds.


Just like the south has its temple jewelry the west has its meenakari work which is the art of adding enameling in a gold framework. Meenakari jewelry looks exquisite with its dainty designs that include figurines and motifs taking inspiration from nature in bright hues. Brides love this style as they can match the meenakari jewelry to their wedding ensemble with ease.

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